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drag racing a 430 in early ford bodies

Posted: Tue 19. Mar 2013, 16:39
by LIL ABE 2
not sure where to post this but anyone out there building a 55 or 6 ford with a 430 should deeply consider motor set back my 55 with the front of the oil pan 1 1/2" from straight axle [ stock wheel base] has a 55% front to 45% rear weight ratio. i can't imagine now bad it would be in stock ford location fords were nose heavy from the factory. unless you only wish to burn rubber move the motor. one other item 55-6 ford have the gas tank offset to the drivers side - not good for drag racing. i removed spare tire well and mounted a 58 chevy gas tank [which is also cheaper than ford unit] which has right side offset tank fits frame well had to cut off chevy neck and replace with modified stock ford one hope to get to drags soon a few more issues to solve johnny o

Re: drag racing a 430 in early ford bodies

Posted: Wed 27. Mar 2013, 12:36
by Theo
Right place bro. Thanks for sharing ideas.