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Wiring diagrams

Post by Joe » Fri 11. Feb 2011, 08:29

I'm restoring a 66 2 door count and I hoping someone can tell where I could find some kind of a diagram for the car. I am also looking for a good set of driver side controls. I have replaced both front motors but am still having problems in the switchs. Also have lost power to blower fan controls and power intena. Ido not see any blown fuses and i wonder if one problem may have something to do with others.I hoping some one may know what I.m not seeing. I'm not really an idiot about this stuff. Built my first rod at 14 and 45 now. And it was a 76 2+2 with a old 350 vett. 350 hrs. with a Dough Nash Crash box 5 speed straight cut gears 5:11 rear. One hell of a ride for the first 3 and had better had it pointed in the right direction for the last 2. The last one was my 66 bird. But it has roll up windows. so I hope someone understands my problems. Joe

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Re: Wiring diagrams

Post by 65SuicideKing » Fri 20. May 2011, 16:37

'65 Lincoln Continental

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