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63 Vert Mechanical Resto

Posted: Sun 9. May 2010, 16:23
by Topless Teaberry 63
Here are some pics of my project.
I began this in September 2004 and finished in April 2007.
engine b4.JPG
where I started
old engine pistons.JPG
all piston rings are broken
In between, I got married and my wife gave birth to our son.
I was sure glad to be done and enjoying the car. 8-)
new pistons.JPG
redone short block
new eng carb test fit.JPG
test fitting on the engine
engine after.JPG
engine restored
Here she is after all the time and $$$$.
showing off.JPG
checking all systems
Too bad I found another car dying to be restored not 10 miles from my house. :shock:
I'm now in the middle of that job...when time allows.
Bye for now...

Re: 63 Vert Mechanical Resto

Posted: Mon 10. May 2010, 00:57
by Theo
Very nice car, proud w. its' new two tone shoes. Is it leopard on buck skin leather? Cool. Just lay a Telecaster on the back seat and all the girls get mad and jealous, Ha Ha....