1963 Lincoln Continental Convertible

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1963 Lincoln Continental Convertible

Post by Deep6 » Tue 16. Mar 2010, 21:14

Here is my 63 lincoln

Been a long project, with trying times, but is now fully "99%" rebuilt mechanically, the only thing I didn't touch was the Diff.

Got the car in 1999, car barely ran, did drive it to get some gas, the thing was ready to die. That night we "2 of my high school buddies" and I pulled the engine apart, ready to be sent out. I zip locked and labeled all the bolts and small parts. There were not any bolt kits available, so I cleaned and polished each one, with all the parts. Found a great way to clean them, use a high quality teflon chem bottle, fill with parts cleaning fluid, insert bolts, cap and shake until clean.
Board the block .030 over, new pistons, fixed valve guides, all else full original parts.

Got very involved in racing sailboats, and bought a boat "not the lincoln". My father got very interested in the can, and we agreed to do the final push to get it on the road, which took 6 months on and off at Kingpin hot rods in San Jose, they are very good, and did a fantastic job. I am sure I am missing stuff below, but here is a quick list.

Pictures of build:
"same ones in my site info"

Next winter, might deal with the rust and paint / interior

full take down and rebuild of all parts
Bored 30 over
New pistons 10:1, so 91oct will be fine.
New bearings on crank / cam..
Freeze plugs
valve job / seats / guides
Gas tank was bead blasted and epoxy coated, fully ready to go... Had a small issue with the tank level indicator, so tank might not ever read that it is full.
Radiator was fully rebuilt as well as the small one on top of the motor.
New water pump- thermostat
New fuel pump.
New plug wires
Distributor, Points removed, added LED timing system, works great
exhaust manifolds were bead blasted, but not sealed.
fully rebuilt hydraulics pump "on the crank" for windshield wipers / P.S.
Black magic electric fan, settable temp switch, manual override.

Motor had 0 oil leaks

1st motor issue with recut cam:
went to radical with it
checked cam timing "degreeded the cam" with putty on piston 1 Had no contact with ether intake or exhaust, as it turns out we did have a piston height issue, we ended up bending 4 out of the 8 intake push rods, do not know if the valves are bent. half of the intake push rods were not bent, NONE of the exhaust were bent. The pistons in the corners of the motor did not bend, or very little, also the intake valves start to open when the pistons are going down, they are ok

put stock back in, all good now.

fully rebuilt by Dales auto transmission "San Jose Ca. dale did the work"
He said that the trans would need to be fine tuned after it is in the car.
New trans cooling lines built and installed...

Drive train:
Full drive line rebuild by south bay drive line "san jose ca."
New spicier joints

New shocks
New leaf springs in the back
New vacuum lines

The bushing in the front steering was done just before I got the car

All window switches work, and all windows work great...

Main "50 amp" fuse removed, there is a short in the system somewhere, <<<probably the main pump>>>>
Replace main pump, adjusted limit switches

I went through and cleaned up all the relays and the terminals, looked at some of the switches. I have full manuals for the top if needed "ebay is your friend"

Top works, SO COOL...

Final tune on motor was done at Ace Fuel, a great shop in santa clara, Ca. Run's SO nice...

Time to drive it....


1963 lincoln Continental Convertible

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Re: 1963 Lincoln Continental Convertible

Post by reijerlincoln » Thu 18. Mar 2010, 09:28

Welcome to the forum. It certainly looks like a worthwhile project. How bad is the rust? Let me guess; the trunk lid is crispy?

The interior looks as though it can be saved. Perhaps having the seat covers re-dyed?


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