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Re: 1958 Continental Claret -

Posted: Thu 5. Nov 2020, 15:28
by novetti
Last Sunday got both long sides painted.

It was a long day. And very tiring.

Got a few nasty runs in the right side (tight space against the garage wall and difficult to see the wet edge as I was spraying).

Hopefully should be able to fix that with careful cut and polish the clear when its hard enough.

To paint only have a few small bits remaining, one rear skirt, two small windshield wings and the paint windshield grill.

Re: 1958 Continental Claret -

Posted: Tue 17. Nov 2020, 03:47
by novetti
Fine Gentleman and LADIES

Nib and runs removal (Tungsten file)

P1200 - Get rid of Orange peel - P1500 - P2000

Wool Pad cutting compound....

Not Perfect BUT enough for this fella here