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1965 Lincoln Sedan -Custom-Australia

Posted: Sat 5. May 2012, 16:45
by austlinc
Paint has finally started to arrive on the car. It has been off the road since Nov 2008 due to a timing chain replacement and sorted of snowballed from there.....
Cheers Angelo

I might put this in the restoration area now

1965 Lincoln Sedan -Custom-Australia

Posted: Sat 5. May 2012, 19:25
by austlinc
Hi guys,

Now that my car has some paint on it, I suppose it is a restoration. ... ontinental

I was in a rod run in Nov 2008 with the car when I noticed the water pump started to leak, when I got it home I pulled the water pump to get rebuilt and had a look at the timing gear while I was there.

I managed to place a top 4 trophy as well on the night!

That was the beginning of the resto right there, the timing gear was missing the nylon, the car ran perfectly fine untill then.

I decieded to pull the motor out the following month and then the auto.

The motor has been on the engine stand while I collect parts and info, I also purchased a 462 block and crank assemlbly to build a 510 stroker possibly.

I then lost my job when the company I worked for went under, so I put the Lincoln into storage, the balance of family and work had to wait.

I got a new job and durning nights I restored a 63 Caddilac to build up some funds for the Lincoln.

After that I finished off a 63 Thunderbird convertable (390) and accepted to assemble a 1946 Pontiac Streamliner coupe.

My spraypainter had run into some money dramas, so I had some cash around to give him, he was always going to paint the car anyway, so if I didn't have it there was less chance of me blowing it on something else.

Anyway 2 years its been at the panel shop being worked on in between painting the camo on the Australian Bushmaster defense vehicles and hot rods for people like Rod Hadfield (famous hot rod builder here in Australia) ... 6273262483 ... l04eXSz9NQ

Last week the paint started on the door jambs and back of the doors, then the roof was laid out.

I will pull down the motor soon when I finish the body.

Cheers Angelo

Re: 1965 Lincoln Sedan -Custom-Australia

Posted: Tue 5. Jun 2012, 05:50
by austlinc
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After 4 days on the wirewheels and sanders, 7 liters of Wurth body deadner, 3 liters of matt black 2 pack, the undercarriage is done from the firewall back......
I painted the diff and springs as one complete assembly using the KBS product (similar to POR15)
I had my fuel tank cleaned out and lined with POR15 Tank kit quite a while back, the sender has been rebuilt.
I even sanded back and repainted my exhaust while I was at it.
New shackle bushes arrived today, I get some pics with the diff up, just need new brake lines and fuel/return lines made and then I can tackle the front end rebuild and sound deadend/paint that area.
I will start on stripping back the trunk tommorow getting ready for paint next week.

Cheers Angelo