Richard Carpenter and his "Bad Move"

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Richard Carpenter and his "Bad Move"

Post by a58pacer » Sun 20. Nov 2011, 20:08

Richard Carpenter and his BADMOVE 1100.jpg
This is recording star Richard Carpenter (of the singing duet "Carpenters") and his 1958 Edsel Citation two-door hardtop in its correct factory colors of Chalk Pink and Frost White.

I took this at the 1987 Knott's Berry Farm All-Ford Meet in Buena Park, California. The car's California vanity plate (not visible in this photo) read "BAD MOVE".

Richard was a member of the Southlanders Edsel Club while I was president. He invited our club to visit his "Yesterday Once More" car collection in Santa Fe Springs around the same time.

He's sold the car now to my chagrin. Current owner was recently trying to gouge $60K from potential buyers on e-Bay based on the celebrity cachet. Don't get me wrong . .. the car's nice, but not to the tune of that kind of money! Kelley Blue Book Early Model Car price guide puts the value at $25 to $35K in number 2 minus to number 1 minus condition. A total of 2,781 examples of this model and body style were produced in the U.S. and Canada.


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Re: Richard Carpenter and his "Bad Move"

Post by heyleon04 » Fri 5. Jul 2019, 01:56

Beautiful car.

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