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Let me Introduce you to Marilyn

Posted: Wed 31. Oct 2018, 08:37
by Jyd
Marilyn is our 1958 Mercury Montclair that we picked up about 5 years ago. We call her Marilyn because the fellow that started her build wanted to make a car that he thought Marilyn Monroe would have driven, thus the pink and mauve interior. I had firmly decided to replace the interior when she was delivered but once you see the car in person the colors fit and tend to grow on you. She has what I believe to be the 383 Modified engine and a Merc-O-Matic When we decided to get back into classic cars we wanted something to take our 80+ year old Mothers out to supper in and yet be able to enter into a few shows, that is why we went looking for a 4 dr car. Little did we know just how rare this year of Mercury was and how hard to find parts for. She has had some 50's type customizing done, lowered, some trim badges removed and a set of cruiser skirts. Since delivery we have actually raised the rear end up an inch as it would constantly drag in and out of every driveway. We also had her pinstriped, in colors matching the interior, at the 2017 KKOA Lead Sled Nationals in Salina, Ks. which is where we are from. The photos are from the day of delivery and a few of the pinstriping as well. I have a few questions about an engine problem we are having but will ask them later. Thanks for letting us join in this very special group.

Re: Let me Introduce you to Marilyn

Posted: Sun 4. Nov 2018, 17:29
by Shelby#18
That does grow on you. I like it! Welcome to the forum!

Re: Let me Introduce you to Marilyn

Posted: Fri 18. Jan 2019, 00:41
by Theo
Yeah, that's a nice one. Welcome

Re: Let me Introduce you to Marilyn

Posted: Wed 10. Jun 2020, 21:23
by Chris430
Not crazy about the colors either, however I think they complement the lines and make it work. Can't think of another color that would do that.

Nice Mercury