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Another newbie to MEL

Posted: Sun 9. Sep 2018, 14:51
by Joe mama
I'm working on a friends 64 convertible. It's a beautiful car but has issues.(Engine trouble) My friend is not very mechanically inclined so I volunteered. I've been a mechanic most of my life so I thought this would be a fun project. I've never messed with a MEL engine but have a lot of experience with many others. This look like the place for the information that I need!

Re: Another newbie to MEL

Posted: Mon 10. Sep 2018, 13:52
by Chris430
Like you said, lots of good information here. Hub caps in the trunk? I see peiple do that when trailering there cars.

Re: Another newbie to MEL

Posted: Tue 11. Sep 2018, 09:46
by Joe mama
Yes, hub caps in the trunk. Not sure why he removed them. Only had to go about 5 miles.