68 Continental Owner

Feel free to introduce yourself. No obligation off course, but a nice way to get known to you a little. It's allways good to know your first name. Jeff or John sounds better than, "hey linc58prm2_1......"
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68 Continental Owner

Post by eth89 » Thu 17. Aug 2017, 06:55

Hi Everyone,

My name is Ethan. I am from the Midwest and I have recently purchased a 1968 Continental with the 462 MEL engine in it. I got it off some guy that was in midst of restoring it, so most exterior trim and interior door pieces were already off the car. The good thing though is that he was very organized and containerized and labeled all parts, even the nuts, bolts, fasteners, etc.

The car runs smooth and is solid drivetrain, frame, and bodywise, except for the normal lower quarter panel rust and worn out leather seats. The top is in great shape and so is pretty much everything else. I may need to patch a floor panel, but other than that it doesn't need to much.

My plan:
Replace valve cover and intake manifold gaskets
Replace oil pan gasket
Clean carburetor and tune it the best as is for now
Replace points with electronic conversion
New spark plugs, coil, and wires
Fresh fluids all around
Coolant flush
Replace fuel sending unit (current one has failed)
Replace brittle hoses and rusty lines
Check timing gear

At this moment I have the valve covers and intake manifold off, and fuel sending unit out of the gas tank. With the covers and intake manifold off, I will poke around the engine a bit better to determine other worn parts or leaking areas. I really don't want to pull the engine at this point, but would rather get it running strong and see how the car does for a year or so. I don't really plan on any bodywork at the moment either (except for the floor pan).

I look forward to seeking out the help I need to make this Lincoln a great ride once again.

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Re: 68 Continental Owner

Post by Theo » Mon 21. Aug 2017, 13:56

Welcome on board Ethan.
Best regards

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