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Feel free to introduce yourself. No obligation off course, but a nice way to get known to you a little. It's allways good to know your first name. Jeff or John sounds better than, "hey linc58prm2_1......"
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New to forum.

Post by Ezmonie4 » Mon 3. Apr 2017, 20:56

Hello all my name is Ezra. Most call me ez. I just purchased a 1959 criss craft constellation express 40ft. It has twin 430 lincolns and I am needed information about these engines they both have water in the oil and need to know what to check before pulling the heads to check for gasket leaks. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Re: New to forum.

Post by Shelby#18 » Tue 4. Apr 2017, 18:49

Hello Ezra,

The 430's are not the easiest to get parts for. Some of the gaskets will have to be made. My engine builder just finished two of them for my '61 Continentals. His name is Carl, and his email is <>

You should also take a look at the Marine engine thread.

pm me if you will need his number.

All the best,

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