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Posted: Wed 29. Mar 2017, 10:13
by FrozenMerc
It appears my earlier introduction was caught up in the great server crash of 2017, so I will try it again.

I am a die hard Ford guy from Northern Minnesota. I have been playing with all sorts of cars for decades now, but specialize in the FoMoCo stuff. I am in the process of gathering information and parts for a street driven, gas powered blown 430 MEL. The intake is an original Weiand piece, and the blower is 6-71 GMC. The most difficult parts are going to be Distributor / Intake Clearance and cooling plumbing. I will be asking the board for information soon, as I will start a build thread on this motor. I also have a FE powered '62 Mercury that would be right at home n this board (except the engine, and a few other cars and trucks as well

My current cars include:

1951 Ford F-1 Pickup (351W powered, and future home to the Blown 430)
1960 Ford C-600 - 332 Lincoln Y-Block powered
1962 Mercury Monterey Wagon - 352 FE
1963 Ford Fairlane - Future project car
1976 Ford F-250 - 390 FE

The 430 project.

The Merc.

Re: Re-Introduction

Posted: Mon 8. May 2017, 07:02
by Chris430
Hello. That 430/51 will be a mean project, but Ford left us pleanty of wheel space on the stepsides. Looking forward to seeing the progress.

Re: Re-Introduction

Posted: Mon 8. May 2017, 10:03
by Theo
Welcome on board. Curious to see the progress of the project.