1965 black Continental convertible newbie here

Feel free to introduce yourself. No obligation off course, but a nice way to get known to you a little. It's allways good to know your first name. Jeff or John sounds better than, "hey linc58prm2_1......"
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1965 black Continental convertible newbie here

Post by 1970ls5 » Thu 6. Oct 2011, 01:19

Just joined, have a 1965 black Continental convertible that is cherry, just has a sick 430 in it that leaks oil along with the transmission (that was just rebuilt 1 year ago). Want to install a more modern powertrain (like a 460 with overdrive) and have joined several threads to see what the guys are doing.

Have a lot of experience with engine/transmission swaps and rebuilds and am an FAA A&P mechanic so no replies to me will be too technical.

Plan to keep the 430 engine and trans on the shelf in the shop for when the car is sold one day, it will go to the new owner. Don't want a street rod and will not cut up the car to make this work, it is far to nice! Car is used to show Real Estate in Miami and New York and will be back in forth so it has to be reliable and get good gas mileage.

Any thoughts both positive and negative will be welcomed. Dave
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Re: 1965 black Continental convertible newbie here

Post by Theo » Sun 9. Oct 2011, 02:17

Welcome Dave,
not many of us have done the conversion you mention. I can't be of help on this one either. However I think it's a good idea to keep the orig. engine in the shelf.
There's probably not much that I can say to a mechanic. You seem to have already made your plans. Anyhow, will be quite some work I guess. New slip yoke and a custom made shaft is just what springs in mind first.
I'd like to see what you come up with in the end. So, I guess I'm not the only one being curious how the story goes. I'd appreciate to see you posting about your progress.
Good luck.
Best regards

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Re: 1965 black Continental convertible newbie here

Post by vanscooter » Sun 9. Oct 2011, 17:21

Pop them both out and reseal them ! Its going to be less headache that putting an engine in that wasn't designed to go in there. Not to mention less money.
Does it scensored. Yes. Just eat it and pull them out to redo. Drink whiskey and cuss it out.
I have heard engine swaps in there creat alot of problems. Lots of fab work

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Re: 1965 black Continental convertible newbie - engine swap

Post by wimpy88 » Fri 29. Mar 2013, 12:31

If it really is cherry, you need to talk to an appraiser and some LCOC owners before engaging in too many changes. Value will be negatively affected with the conversion. Your money, your car but at least get additional input before making the changes.

Good luck whatever you decide.

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