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Old MEL Forum Data

Posted: Sat 3. Jan 2009, 20:43
by Theo
All right, saving the old data was a very time consuming operation. I hope that most messages and photos could be saved. For best viewing experience within the old forum data don't klick links that lead to Network54 hosted contend. For instance the links that I once created in the footer saying "Back to the MEL eng......". However most external links and linked photos should work fine. I'll have to check and probably do a rescan to reload missing photos or to revive possibly broken links etc.
Please do not unnecessarily direct people to this locally stored bug free copy of the old forum. It is not functional as a forum anyway and is intended to serve as an archive for educational purposes only. So don't spread it to the world as it would considerably slow down its' performance and possibly bring up the Network54 admins. It is not my purpose to redirekt their clients and partners like advertisers, forum participants and so on. I will delete the copy of the old forum as soon as the Network54 admins have successfully retored the forum functionality on their own servers. Migrating the old threads to the new format is out of my capabilities. Maybe some day there will be a whodoo tool for this kind of job. As for now this is the only way to have an acceptable viewing experience of your historic forum data.
Here's the link ... index.html

Have fun