Best 462 MEL Engine ever built? FOR SALE!

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Best 462 MEL Engine ever built? FOR SALE!

Post by fourtwoseven » Mon 12. Apr 2021, 10:01

Sorry for the hype...but this actually may be one of the best MELs ever put together. 510ci, 500HP and 600#ft on the dyno at only 5700rpm. Idles and runs smoothly, put together for street use in a 55Tbird gasser replica. based on a 1968 462 block, heads and crank, this build is the equivalent of a Barnett Racing $16,000 build...only better. Block machining done by John Beck of Vintage Hot Rods in CA, crank work by Precision Crankshaft in MI, engine assembly and dyno by Royce Brechler (RB Engines in WI), head work by Michael Slover, custom valve rock arm assemblies by Harland Sharp, custom 10:1 pistons by Nick Arias (just before he passed). In other words, the work was done by the best MEL people in the country. In fact Jack Vines called this engine the best MEL he had ever heard of. Jack is the premier Studebaker and Packard V8 builder in the country. The engine is new, exactly as it was dyno'd, with a vintage Offy 360 tunnel ram manifold on Slover adapter plates (allows for use of any 429/460 Ford engine manifold). I put this manifold on the engine because I wanted the carb to stick out of the hood...not the best manifold for performance numbers!! Single 4bbl. 850 Holley carb on top. I am selling with a new flywheel, clutch, and aluminum bellhousing that will fit either a Toploader 4 speed manual (I have one for sale separately) or a cast iron cruis-o-matic...of course a C-6 automatic will bolt right up. So engine can be a manual or automatic transmission. PLUS the engine comes as a front sump oil pan AND a rear sump pan, an exterior crank driven oil pump if you want to go rear sump. Engine is in Indianapolis...I will build a custom wood crate and ship it enclosed on a wood skid. Overseas offers are welcome. Imagine this engine in your street rod, gasser replica, Lincoln , Mercury or TBird...lots of grunt! I have tons of photos...of all the pieces and the whole engine. For photos or more info please email
Open to offers, I would like to sell this summer, thanks, Stan

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