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Excellent series of engine build videos

Posted: Fri 25. Jun 2010, 01:07
by reijerlincoln
This isn't about MEL engines but I decided to post it because it's the best series of engine build videos I've seen on the interweb so far. No annoying music or product placement, but properly detailed information from an engine builder who seems to have a lot of knowledge and experience.

This is video #1 of the series. Subsequent videos will appear on YouTube.

Re: Excellent series of engine build videos

Posted: Fri 25. Jun 2010, 03:02
by Theo
I was alert when watching the first seconds of this video. He didn't use feeler gauges to fix the rods when torquing down the rod bolts. Maybe they just skipped it in favor of a fluent intro.
Using oil instead of moly lube is a good idea for the reasons he explained. But I'd like to mention that the engines he's building most likely won't have to wait for long until they get fired up.
If your project is gonna sit in your garage for a while I would recommend using moly lube. It will stay longer in place where you applied it than oil. An other reason why moly lube is used is that extra protection when firing up a freshly rebuilt engine.
It's a good compensation for areas where oil pressure might not be optimal in the first 10 or 15 seconds. Start up is always critical.
All in all it's a great series of tutorials. I only watched the first two parts for now. I like his fluent way of talking about things. So you get max. no BS info for your time you spend. Great video. Thanks for posting.