462 M.E.L. engine rebuild

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462 M.E.L. engine rebuild

Post by Lincolnlvr » Wed 8. Apr 2020, 20:47

Does anyone have any experience with using Barnett Performance for rebuilding a 462 M.E.L. ? Have heard a few horror stories about them. Overpriced and not really good work ! No customer service after if problems arise. Just asking before I throw $12000. out the window !! Thanks.

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Re: 462 M.E.L. engine rebuild

Post by Chris430 » Tue 14. Apr 2020, 00:00

I have no knowledge of there quality but I have seen many of there Ebay adds with the wrong pistons. The only one I know how to get in contact with is Ted Eaton of Eaton Balancing. He has a few technical post of his MEL builds here and at eatonbalancing.com

Check it out.

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