59 Lincoln Vacuum can for wipers and brakes

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59 Lincoln Vacuum can for wipers and brakes

Post by jdforsythe » Wed 22. Sep 2010, 21:01

I am a newbie and I thank everyone in advance for their help. Just purchased a 59 Lincoln convertible with the 430 cid engine. I have many problems but I am starting with the obvious ones. The glass vacuum canister is broken in half. I believe the function of this canister is to provide vacuum power to operate the wiper motors. My questions are as follows...

1. Any idea where I can find a new one?
2. Does it perform any other function than operating the wipers?
3. Was the canister filled with any type of fluid?
4. Any idea where I can find a diagram for this vacuum system?

I apologize for my obvious ignorance, my history has only been with Mustangs and I do not begin to possess the knowledge of you folks. Any help would be appreciated

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Re: 59 Lincoln Vacuum can for wipers and brakes

Post by KULTULZ » Thu 23. Sep 2010, 02:47

The glass jar is for washer solvent.

Vacuum is supplied by manifold vacuum along with a vacuum pump mounted under the oil pump for low manifold vacuum periods.

You need to source a correct Shop Manual for the vehicle.

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