59 Mercury wiring issues

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59 Mercury wiring issues

Post by trobbins » Mon 16. Aug 2010, 18:28

I am having trouble figuring out where some of my wires go on my project car. I have a 59 Mercury Commuter Station Wagon. 383 all original car.
Problem: There is a single black wire that seems to have been in the same loom as the heat sensor and oil sending unit wires. I don't know where the black wire goes. I think it goes to the battery side of the coil. I have been told that there should be a resistor attached to the coil and this black wire hooks to it then to the coil. The only resistor that I have in my pile of parts looks like a silver tube with a black wire coming out of it. There is a similar one that goes on the voltage regulator.

Do any of you have a wiring diagram that I could use? The ones in the shop manual are hard to understand.

Thanks for any and all help.


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Re: 59 Mercury wiring issues

Post by Shelby#18 » Mon 16. Aug 2010, 20:06

Even though we're doing a 430, perhaps it has the same loom. I'll send your question to my restorer.
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Re: 59 Mercury wiring issues

Post by 59lincolnrag » Mon 6. Sep 2010, 16:04

On My 59 Lincoln. there is a black wire on the battery side of the coil that is harnessed in with the temp sensor and the oil sensor wires. They are dressed back to the fire wall on the passenger side. The black wire connects to a block type resistor fastened to the back firewall on one side ....from the other side of the resistor the red / grn stripe wire travels back to the ignition switch.

I noticed that the temperature and oil light indicators / sensors locations are incorrectly called out in the shop manual.

"a silver tube with a black wire coming out of it" ....that is a condenser to silence static interference on the radio. That device is fastened to the voltage regulator bolt and the wire connects to the armature terminal of the regulator
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Re: 59 Mercury wiring issues

Post by jmassad » Sun 17. Oct 2010, 18:39

I hope you don't mind my attaching a similar question to your post. I have a 58 Mercury Monterey, 383 cubic inch, Merc-O-Matic push button auto trans. I also see a single black wire coming out of a part I can't name yet that is near the back of the engine bay, hovering just over and behind the back of the intake manifold. That single black wire comes out of the top of that part and then becomes part of a batch of wires (you use the word "loom") that goes into the back of the instument panel. That part at the bottom also has a tube going down threading into the transmission. I am having a transmission oil leak and I susect that wire is associated with the auto trans leak problem. The top of that part has the single black wire, the bottom of that part has a tube going down into the transmission. I am trying to troubleshoot the transmision oil leak - maybe that black wire is causing the problem -- is there such a thing as a transmission oil sending unit? Any help is really appreciated. The 58 Mercury shop manual is not helpful, I have not been able to find this part and pinpoint the problem.

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