1958 and 1959 Lincoln Electrical Upgrade Tips DIY007

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1958 and 1959 Lincoln Electrical Upgrade Tips DIY007

Post by 59lincolnrag » Wed 11. Mar 2009, 09:23

1958 and 1959 Lincoln Electrical Upgrade Tips DIY007

This can apply to all M-E-L vehicles


Replace all the fuses.

Now is a good time to just replace all your bulbs. You will find the glass separates from the brass base. Clean out the sockets etc with contact cleaner. Replace the headlights with Updated Halogen units and clean the ground wires. This makes a big difference. Make sure your Idle is set as well.

As for the dash lights remove the light switch clean it with contact cleaner and using a pencil eraser, rub the rheostat winding clean. Make sure the little "paw" or "wiper" contacts the winding. You should be good to go.

You need to replace the brake light switch ....its located on the master cylinder. Make sure the master cylinder is topped off ...

Rear lights glow dim or not working ? .....You need to fabricate a wiring harness as shown, to complete the ground circuit at the rear lamp assemblies.


4 lugs and 3 lengths of 12 Ga. wire aprox 10 '' long each. Sheet metal screws self drilling self taping. Use your best judgment here.
Drill a 1/16 pilot hole next to the socket so that when you install the sheet metal screw it holds the socket in the hole as well. The last lug can be secured to the reinforcement bracket near the lamp assemblies. This will solve many electrical gremlins by completing the ground circuit.

CAUTION: To prevent your car from a nasty fire. Replace the horn relay and horns. Don’t bother fiddling with them. Discard them. This circuit is a ticking time bomb in these cars. The horn wiring is wrapped with the starter wiring. Not only will it take out you harness but in will melt together and engage the starter ! Ask me how I know? This apply to all M-E-L vehicles.
While you at it, replace the starter relay and the other relays located there.

Horn not working? Remove the centerpiece on the steering wheel. It just pulls off and snaps on. Remove the steering wheel. Carefully take apart the horn ring assembly. You need to buy a thin "o" ring and place it on top of the existing rubber " spring". This will fix the loose horn ring and it should work perfectly.

This is a good weekend project. Less than$100 dollars and a great insurance policy.
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Re: 1958 and 1959 Lincoln Electrical Upgrade Tips DIY007

Post by 1958 Edselynn » Tue 14. Feb 2012, 23:26

Those were some pretty darn good tips!! Thank u pal

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