1965 430 MEL missing slightly

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1965 430 MEL missing slightly

Post by Gageure126.0 » Tue 6. Sep 2011, 19:29

Hey guys,

I am having a problem with my 1965 430. I have a small miss on #7. I just rebuilt the engine so I did a 5 angle valve job, new springs, and hardened valve seats also I have 130 PSI on all cylinders. I have replaced the coil, distributor, points and vacuum advance. The only other thing I can think of is setting the dwell. Does anyone else have any other ideas? Ohh and just FYI all of the plugs ( gap is correct) , wires, rotor bug and dist. cap are new. I am out of ideas...


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Re: 1965 430 MEL missing slightly

Post by keithol » Thu 6. Oct 2011, 08:43

Look for a vacuum leak . Carefully use a small amount of a combustible spray such as brake cleaner, WD40 ,or choke cleaner around that manifold runner and see if it smooths out. If their are any vacuum ports on that runner, disconnect any hoses and plug that port. I assume you found the suspect cylinder by pulling spark plug wires with engine running, and watching for amount of rpm change. For those reading this that have not had the experience , use an super insulated plier and pull the wire out of the distributor end so you are not holding a wire that has ten to thirty thousand volts hooked to it. If you have electronic ignition you must provide a path for current to flow so it does not damage the ignition module, there you may be dealing with fifty thousand volts or more . If you have electronic ignition find a pro, or a gearhead with the right equipment.

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