Confirm ID on Autolite 4100?

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Confirm ID on Autolite 4100?

Post by tlott01 » Fri 14. Oct 2011, 22:30

Hello all,

I have an early Autolite 4100 carburetor that I believe is for a 1959 383 Mercury; it has the long accelerator pump snout,
the choke plate with the spring-loaded flap, steel balls pressed in to seal the internal fuel transfer passages, and an
"EDG" stamp on the side of the float bowl. It is in fairly good condition; needs new slosh tubes to be complete. I rebuilt
it a couple of years ago and it ran OK on the Q-code 428 in my truck, but didn't have a kickdown lever for the automatic transmission so I replaced it with a more appropriate C5AF-F. Now I just want to get it out of my garage, hopefully to
a good home with someone who needs it.

Can anyone confirm what this is?

Thanks in advance - Tracy

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Re: Confirm ID on Autolite 4100?

Post by a58pacer » Wed 16. Nov 2011, 21:33

Engineering numbers prefixed with EDG are 1958 Mercury but might also have been applied to other FoMoCo applications with similar requirements. But I consulted by 1972 Motorcraft carburetor manual, and the only EDG 4-barrel carburetors I can find fit 1958 Mercury 383cid. On top of that, of the four suffixes listed, two of them are Holleys.

So that restricts your carburetor to being either an EDG-9510-A or EDG-9510-B. The -A is specified in the Mercury MPC as applying to the 383-4V (mod.) engine, while the -B applies to the 383-4V.

The 383-4V (mod.) engine is found elsewhere in the MPC to be applied to the Dual-Range automatic transmission, while the 383-4V was coupled to the single range automatic.

Not sure which one yours is, because normally one would expect to see a suffix letter following the EDG. Since your suffix is lacking, I'd place my bet on it being equivalent to the -A which goes on the 383cid-4V dual-range transmission drive train.


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Re: Confirm ID on Autolite 4100?

Post by 430 6V » Thu 15. Mar 2012, 20:43

Pony carbs has abook that identifies those carbs. Don't have my copy here, maybe it's online now?

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