Re: MEL Lifters Interchange w. FE and 460 Lifters

Please contribute to the list of MEL Engine interchangeable parts. Post or read with care and a sense for responsibility.
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Re: MEL Lifters Interchange w. FE and 460 Lifters

Post by Theo » Mon 22. Feb 2010, 04:06

Based on a discussion at viewtopic.php?f=2&t=458&start=10
the compatibility chart on Lifters goes as follows.

MEL lifters are compatible with the following engines:

Ford...........Lincoln Y Block engines (LYB).
Ford...........FE Series engines
Ford..........335 Series engines
Ford..........385 Series engines (solid lifters only)

According to forum participant "Ted" 385 series hydraulic lifters do not interchange w. the MEL engine due to its different oil through push rod oil routing. He also points out that using roller lifters can be problematic as the links have a pysically differeent length due to a different lifter bore spacing.
However I strongly assume that the solid lifters of the same engine family do interchange w. the MEL engine w/o problem.
Please read viewtopic.php?f=2&t=458&start=10

As with all information in this forum this information is provided to our best knowledge as is. No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information. Please double check or consult your local engine builder.
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Re: MEL Lifters Interchange w. FE and 460 Lifters

Post by Beep » Tue 7. Jun 2011, 13:52

As long as the lift isn't too high, the FE roller rockers work just fine in the MEL. My Comp Cam lifters from an FE work great in my MEL. Total lift is 590.

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