FE C6 (Corporate) TO 58/60 MEL

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FE C6 (Corporate) TO 58/60 MEL

Post by KULTULZ » Tue 7. Apr 2009, 06:46

Below is an excerpt from another board (SQUAREBIRDS) discussing the upgrade of a T-BIRD FE specific COM (MERC-O-MATIC Multi-Drive (MX) in this instance) to a C6.

This same detail will work on the 58/60 MEL block as both have the same bell pattern. In 1961, when the 430 went LINC specific, the MEL bell pattern was modified to allow the engine to fit easier in the new LINC chassis confines. When LINC went to the 462 in 1966, the bell pattern was again modified to accept the new LINC specific C6, that being the bell pattern was again altered to accept the earlier TWIN-TURBO (HX) and/or LINC bell specific C6. This new pattern was also a partial 429/460 pattern.
462 Bell Pattern_1.jpg
462 Bell Pattern
Hawkrod wrote:
I would add that only a C6 from an FE engine (360, 390, 410, 428) will fit. These were made from 1966 to 1976. Driveshaft will fit if you get a C6 the same length (they come in 4 flavors!).

The flywheel does need to be a 65-76 unit as the tooth count is different and you can't use your old starter.

As far as that goes, you can use the later flywheel and starter with the COM trans if you ever want to. makes getting the starter in and out very easy and the later starters are much better!

The car in question was a SQUAREBIRD (58-60 TBIRD) 352 but Hawkrod points out the interchageabilty of the FE flywheel/flexplate and that will allow one to rid himself of that heavy origional starter motor. In fact, one should be able to use a gear reduction FE starter motor. If you want to retain the early style starter, you would simply use an early FE flexplate

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