Who We Are.

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Who We Are.

Post by Theo » Sat 27. Dec 2008, 13:16

Who we are

Hi and welcome to the ford-mel-engine.com forum. While I was rebuilding my first 430 MEL engine I soon found myself in need of MEL specific information. My engine rebuilding background and skills were solid but the MEl engine figured out to be special. I had been very actively participating in the FE forum but couldn't find a forum for MEL engines. So I decided to create a MEL engine forum.
In 2003 I launched the "The (MEL) 383, 410, 430, 462 cid Engine Forum" which was the forerunner of this actual forum.
The format was very simple and some day it was reportedly unreadable to most readers for some odd technical reason which the forum hosts couldn't solve.
I decided to host the MEL forum on my own and moved to this new address which I hope you like as well as most other readers already have expressed in numerous comments.
Please feel free to register and to be part of this community. Some of the staff members are elder in age. They have been driving MEL cars when these land yachts were still fresh. With their years of experience they are spending an incredible amount of their time to help other participants answering questions or finding solutions to their problems. I'm deeply grateful to have these wonderful people in the boat and I'm proud to help them building up a technical basis for this forum the best I can.

You can't buy MEL Engine knowledge the next door. So, please keep in mind that this forum can only be a good source of information if there is a healthy participation of members feeding the collums w. their knowledge.

The volunteering staff members like the "moderators" group for instance are enthusiasts. Their main task is to keep the forum clean from add spam, hackers and other bad guys. But their main goal is to read and write topics about our hobby just like you do. Please save us time and effort and keep your posts within the specified sections. This way we can be more part of the discussions than having to move posts or doing other freakin' trigger stuff.

We hope that you will take full advantage of what this site is intending to offer and that you will find good info to your questions. We would also like to learn from your experience and your expertise. Please feel free to publish your knowledge to the forum of the MEL community. Make it accessible to us and all MEL enthusiasts to come in the future. This is your MEL Internet archive.
Have fun Ladies and Gentlemen.

Best regards
Theo (Admin)

The Staff

We are constantly striving to serve you with valuable information about the latest developments in metalurgy, engine and transmission tech. We take your posts as an inspiration for our work. Your messages are well taken and pre discussed in small teams.
No detail is skipped.
until the whole team gets together for a final discussion.

' TENTION !!!!!

Final evaluation and conception of comments to your post in the headquarters.
Best regards


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