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You most likely have seen me referring readers here to other message boards to review certain technical discussions. I thought I was doing this as a service but it seems readers are abandoning this board and using those other boards for MEL related information.

Please be reminded, while other boards have MEL related discussion(s), the only true and concise information about the MEL ENGINE FAMILY will be found here (IMO). Usually on the other forums, it is those seeking direct tech info and the answers to that help that I bring here, to hopefully inform others of this scattered information and hopefully have it all referenced here in the near future. There are also a lot of misinformation and old wives tales spread that I try to correct also.

Theo has worked hard to bring us this new forum. Please support his efforts and visit the board frequently, especially if one has TECH INFO to share.


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Post by Theo » Tue 3. Feb 2009, 09:53

Gary, thank you for the good words. It's true, I have set up a new and hopefully a better format as good as I can.
But what makes a board running is not the tech or design alone. It's the participants who bring in the life and spirit. I'm usually very busy with my real life and can't participate or contribute much. My expertise is limited to one single MEL engine that I have rebuild a few years ago. It has been mainly you and other regulars who kept the MEL engine forum running and who accumulated great knowledge over the years. Again, special thanks to you and all the other participants.

However nothing is perfect and running a board isn't allways as easy as it seems. This board has allways been a small niche community, so traffic has allways been low. MEL engines are rare and there are not many who know much about them. But according to my visitors counter there is an average number of appx. 4000 visitors per month. Some months jump up to 9000 visitors some are 3000.
There is definitely some demand out there and if you type the words "mel engine" into google, this niche island pops up next behind Wikipedia which is #1. From my controls I can see Google and Yahoo constantly scanning this board. They seem to scan each single new topic that has been created in the MEL Forum. What ever topic you create; it is spread to the world very efficiently.
Even though traffic is currently much lower than in other boards Google decided to classify this board as more relevant to MEL engines than other boards. That is a more than perfect situation as Google is reflecting and supporting the idea that allays stood behind this forum. QUALITY is what matters, not quantity primarily.

In contemplative moments I was thinking about creating a few other sections, like sheet metal, Lincoln, Edsel, steering etc. etc.and all else sections that make other big forums run fast and crowded. But since I've realized that we're #2 in the Google ranking which in fact makes us the #1 Forum since only Wikipedia is higher in rank, I felt that we are on the right path.

What I'm trying to say is that this site has great potential to stay THE number one MEL engine Forum. It is worth to be advertised wherever we walk on the net. In the end the quality of posts will attract the visitors.

In the next future I will create a link section, where we can cross link between other boards. In exchange these boards will link us too. Life is a tough deal isn't it? ;)
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