430 Merc runs 14.02 at 101.5, 420hp

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430 Merc runs 14.02 at 101.5, 420hp

Post by WerbyFord » Wed 24. Mar 2010, 18:21

For any of you still having doubts about the MEL check out these sites and Brian Stefina's Super Marauder:

http://www.musclecarreport.com/muscle-c ... 0M.001.php


The video is totally cool but so are the underhood pictures.
I am trying to get more detail but from the article it looks like it is a nearly stock 430-6v, my guess is with a cam like the one Merc intended to put in there, some cleaning up of the heads, and that's about it.
Dyno'd 420hp at 5500.
4.56 gear and 3-on-the-tree.
That is a pretty hot old Merc.

Edit - 14.02 at 101.5, hey .02 is 3 feet which is the better part of a fender-length win.
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Re: 430 Merc runs 14.02 at 101.5, 420hp

Post by Theo » Sat 27. Mar 2010, 11:01

To join the discussion about the above video, please go to
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