My Honda Pantheon Scooter

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My Honda Pantheon Scooter

Post by Theo » Thu 23. Apr 2009, 03:20

Good morning from central Europe.
Here are a few photos of my Honda Pantheon scooter. I live in a national resort area where the next shops are about 5 miles away. The scooter is a wonderful fun ride yet practical vehicle for al kind of missions ;) It's a big one that makes two adults sit very comfortable. The uggage compartment under the seat is HUGE and then there is this 45 liter topcase too. I've travelled to the polish sea side with this mule and it was very relaxed.

BTW. Honda was asking 1.600 $ for a crank and piston repair kit. It comes with a piston, rod and crank. That was way too much IMO. The scooter was only 900 $ second hand, so I decided to watch the bay. It figured out difficult as these engines are usually very reliable and virtually never are offerd on the market. In the end I was lucky to find this blue accident Pantheon with a running motor for 380 $.
The spare scooter is a real gold mine regarding spare parts (good by Honda dealers..;)). In fact it was a running scooter but it had been left in the rain for years so the brake calipers got rotten and frozen. It must have belonged to some lazy bum who never did any service on it and probably wasn't even a safe driver. However the engine and the variomatic transmission run strong.

Below is my buddy who helped me swapping the engine. Be warned if you ever plan similar. You need to be two perons unless you have a professional scooter stand.
Best regards

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