WANTED: Power Seat Parts

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WANTED: Power Seat Parts

Post by craterranch » Thu 19. Feb 2015, 06:26

I need a few parts that are missing from the 4-way power seat of my '58 Monterey. According to the research I've done, the same power seat assembly was used on 57-60 Fords, Mercurys, and Edsels (http://ricebrosplymouth.com/NSD/15729.pdf).

Specifically, I need the track assist springs, regulator-to-support bushing, and probably most importantly, a clutch yoke. The diagram is on page 15-103 of the 1958 Mercury Maintenance Manual.

If it makes it easier and could be had at a good price, I would be willing to buy the whole seat assembly. Actually, this is probably preferred.

Any advice is much appreciated.

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