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Help Me Diagnose My '64 Trans

Posted: Thu 9. Aug 2018, 07:25
by burnski
Hey guys, i've been having trouble with the large-case PCA Cruise-o-matic in my 64 Lincoln Continental. Here is some background:

- I do not know the history of the trans prior to me acquiring the car in 2015. So I dont know if its ever been rebuilt, and I do not know what type of trans fluid is in it.
- Last year when i would put in in gear, i would get a "buzzing" from the transmission and the car would not move. I added 2 bottles of Lucas to the trans and that problem has not returned.
- when I drive in the first dot (D2) which starts in second, it drives fine.
- when I drive in the second dot (D1) which starts in first, it occasionally wont shift from 1 to 2, especially if the trans is cold (or overly hot because I just drove it, shut it off for a bit, then go to drive it again).
- My transmission shifter linkage is calibrated correctly. It aligns with each detent correctly.
- My lower shift tube bushing has been replaced.
- The transmission modulator and the vacuum line to it has been replaced.
- When i'm driving on the highway and punch it will downshift and pulls very hard.
- I am fairly certain that the transmission is NOT slipping while in any gear. It seems to be that its just not shifting.

Now I know I am going to need a rebuild, its just a matter of how far I need to go with it. Based on this information, does it sound like it needs:
- a fluid flush/fill?
- a valve-body only rebuild?
- band adjustment?
- a full rebuild?
- a torque converter rebuild?

Thanks guys.

Re: Help Me Diagnose My '64 Trans

Posted: Sat 13. Apr 2019, 21:21
by Chris430
A little late response. It sounds like a sticking valve body. A shade tree technique I learned when I worked at a transmission shop was to raise the drive axle and run the gears. At 20 mph put it in park and run through the gears again. Many times it did work but I never did like the parking pawl grinding the wheels to a stop. The reasoning was the transmission was acting up due to no service. If it worked the customer saved money.

How has your transmission turned out sense last August?

Re: Help Me Diagnose My '64 Trans

Posted: Mon 15. Apr 2019, 07:10
by burnski
Hi Chris, actually last summer I did a complete drain. drained the converted, pulled all the crossover pipes out, disconnected the cooler, etc. cleaned the filter, replaced the filter o-ring, completely refilled with Dexron III. Been ok ever since.