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Help Me Diagnose My '64 Trans

Posted: Thu 9. Aug 2018, 07:25
by burnski
Hey guys, i've been having trouble with the large-case PCA Cruise-o-matic in my 64 Lincoln Continental. Here is some background:

- I do not know the history of the trans prior to me acquiring the car in 2015. So I dont know if its ever been rebuilt, and I do not know what type of trans fluid is in it.
- Last year when i would put in in gear, i would get a "buzzing" from the transmission and the car would not move. I added 2 bottles of Lucas to the trans and that problem has not returned.
- when I drive in the first dot (D2) which starts in second, it drives fine.
- when I drive in the second dot (D1) which starts in first, it occasionally wont shift from 1 to 2, especially if the trans is cold (or overly hot because I just drove it, shut it off for a bit, then go to drive it again).
- My transmission shifter linkage is calibrated correctly. It aligns with each detent correctly.
- My lower shift tube bushing has been replaced.
- The transmission modulator and the vacuum line to it has been replaced.
- When i'm driving on the highway and punch it will downshift and pulls very hard.
- I am fairly certain that the transmission is NOT slipping while in any gear. It seems to be that its just not shifting.

Now I know I am going to need a rebuild, its just a matter of how far I need to go with it. Based on this information, does it sound like it needs:
- a fluid flush/fill?
- a valve-body only rebuild?
- band adjustment?
- a full rebuild?
- a torque converter rebuild?

Thanks guys.