410 Bore Size

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410 Bore Size

Post by KULTULZ » Mon 2. Aug 2010, 01:44

The 410 was the first MEL Engine installed in a vehicle. It was intended originally for the 57 MERC TPC but foundry problems moved it to early EDSEL production.
MEL (MERCURY-EDSEL-LINCOLN) Engine Specifications 1958/1968

383C.I. Bore 4.30” x Stroke 3.30” (1958/60) (MERC)
410C.I. Bore 4.20” x Stroke 3.70” (1958) (EDSEL)
430C.I. Bore 4.30” x Stroke 3.70” (1958/65) (LINC-MERC-TBIRD)
462C.I. Bore 4.38” x Stroke 3.83” (1966/68) (LINC)
As you can see, it has a special bore size that makes it unique from the others. The same speed principles that work on the others will also work here.

This forum is abundant with speed upgrades.
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