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Early 1958 Water Pump

Posted: Thu 26. May 2011, 12:06
by 58-Pagoda
Anyone have an early 1958 430 water pump core? My 1958 Continental's was replaced at some point with a 1959 casting for an A/C car. Looking to go back to the correct casting for non-A/C. From what I've been told, the correct casting # should be CA-EDF-8505-A. Preferable date code is July-Sept 1957 (7-7-X to 7-9-X). Thanks, Scott

Re: Early 1958 Water Pump

Posted: Thu 2. Jun 2011, 07:15
by 58-Pagoda
The part # may also be EDG-88502-B. Please let me know if anyone has a core. Thanks.