Wanted: NOS STD MEL main bearings.

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Wanted: NOS STD MEL main bearings.

Post by Ted » Sun 28. May 2017, 06:48

I'm looking for the original standard sized main bearings for the MEL engine. I can get the aftermarket bearings but they are fully grooved. I'm looking for the original half grooved bearings that were available for the M-E-L engines. The bearings I've come across are in Lincoln boxes but suspect they could have also come in Mercury, Thunderbird, or FoMoCo boxes.

If you got a lead on some of these, contact me at eatonbalancing at yahoo dot com or simply give me a call during business hours at (254 - 857- three three three nine. Ted Eaton. Eaton Balancing. Lorena, Texas.
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