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Please use the Quote Function Wisely

Posted: Sat 10. Jan 2009, 14:23
by Theo
Dear participants. Please use the quote function wisely. The quote function was invented to mainly help you to refer to or to quote someones post within a crowded thread. So basically the quote function makes it easier for the reader and you to make clear to whom your post is addressed.
In cases where a thread is populated by only a few people or just two participants the quote is not really needed. Especially when the context of a post is obvious enough to let the reader know to whom or to what you're referring to. If you still want to quote a specific line in someones post it is good practice to delete all unwanted text and photo passages within the quote. Just keep the lines relevat to what you' want to refer to.
This way you can help the reader to understand your conversation faster. It will also help the board to load faster rather than unnecessarily bloating it.
Thank you for your understanding.
Have fun.