Oil Drain tubes

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Oil Drain tubes

Post by petemonster » Tue 3. May 2011, 18:14

I have personally never been inside a MEL before but am going to have to take one on here very soon.
I was wondering about the oil drain tubes.I heard that there are tubes that run thru the water jacket to the oil pan??
If this is so and they corrode how do you get them out,who makes a replacement ,and if not does anyone know the dimensions and press fit so a guy could go ahead and manufacture them?Anyone have pics of this stuff?
I ask because I have coolant in the oil of my 62 lincoln and vise versa.I am going to got through the top end as I believe someone may have done a welding job to the exhaust flange of the head while it was still on the engine,and may have warped or cracked it.Just trying to cover the angels.
Thanks everyone.

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