Help Rebuilding 430 Cylinder Heads

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Help Rebuilding 430 Cylinder Heads

Post by sixteenpushrods » Tue 20. Mar 2018, 14:48

I have a set of cylinder heads at the machine shop and I have some questions about what is best concerning the rebuild.

I have 4 sets of heads. Is there one casting that has an advantage over the other? Three of them are 62-64 Lincoln. One set is marine.

The marine heads have different (larger) valves with strange locks. The springs have dampeners inside them and are a larger diameter than the Lincoln versions. The shop says one set of valves is bad and needs to be replaced. It's hard enough finding valves for the Lincoln version. Any sources on the marine valves? Are the larger valves of the marine heads worth running in a Lincoln build?

The marine set also has adjustable rocker arms and cupped pushrods. It was a solid lifter motor.

My objective is a basically stock rebuild but I intend to run EFI.

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Re: Help Rebuilding 430 Cylinder Heads

Post by Chris430 » Wed 21. Mar 2018, 20:05

The 63-65 430 Lincoln heads have small combustion chambers and the pistons are different from other 430s. For 66 - 68 the 462 had a flat chamberless design so they must have noticed the flat was a better idea. Other than that I know a builder that prefers the 462 head due to the smaller - higher velocity intake port.

Seems like a pair or two of my MEL heads have different exhaust valve locks as well. Search your casting number in the MEL Knowledge Base for a better idea of what you have.

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