Water Diverters

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Water Diverters

Post by barry.wilkinson » Tue 5. Dec 2017, 10:17

Hi I have recently bought a 1960 Lincoln continental convertible with a 430 mel engine in it. It has been restored at some point in its life around 20 years ago but I'm not sure what has been done to the engine from its original state.

Can anyone tell me the exact directional positioning of the two water diverters behind the water pump.
I am installing a new water pump and I'm not sure if the diverters are in or not or if have been previously removed along with the two smaller block thermostats.

Can anyone also advise on crankcase ventilation, again I'm not sure what has been done to the car before I purchased it. Can I add breather filters to the rocker covers. I read that it came with a vent to the rear of the engine as per my previous car a ford thunderbird with a 352fe that was rebuilt and the vent pipe was removed with the addition of a new intake manifold.
Many Thanks

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Re: Water Diverters

Post by Chris430 » Tue 12. Dec 2017, 21:28

Several post in the engine forum concerning water dividers and block thermostats. There were a couple of MEL engines in Engine Masters this year. A builder turned the dividers down and swapped gasket ends. It will circulate coolant like other engines but you will need to fill or block the coolant from the rear of the intake right up to the front cross over.

Otherwise the dividers go up to run coolant through the head and forward from the rear of the intake to the thermostat.

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