MEL Guy for years my friend MIA

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MEL Guy for years my friend MIA

Post by Mike Caruso » Sun 28. May 2017, 08:32

Hi Folk's,
Figured I would try here. Looking for Chuck Schwartz a retired Chicago Fireman who has so much MEL stuff from welded strokers, fuel inj, blower intakes from a guy who ran a blown dragster. Chuck has two 56 Fords one nice red and white 430 T-85 3 speed street driver rolled and pleated and a race car 56 500" cu" blower intake with 2-4's glass front end.
Chuck retired to WI many years ago and built a steel garage to hold all his stuff. Old phone number quit working years ago but knowing Chuck he might have just cut the wires. LOL
Thanks and have a great Holiday week end.
Mike Ford guy

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