Anyone Weld The Right Lower Half Of A FE To A 65 430?

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Anyone Weld The Right Lower Half Of A FE To A 65 430?

Post by Chris430 » Mon 24. Apr 2017, 19:13

I have a Fenruary 1st 1965 430 and a donor Fenruary 22nd 1965 Cleveland casting 352 FE. The 430 was a running engine traded for a 460 and the 352 is freeze cracked. I am thinking sense four bolts and both dowls won't be compromised that it would be fairly inexpensive but very time consuming. At this piont all I will be out of are some gaskets and main bearings if it didn't work. I am not concerned about the cost of my rods, stones or the amount of time it would take.

My questions are:

Where were the MEL's cast in February of 65?

Was there a cast iron formula with similar amounts of carbon used on all Ford gasoline blocks of that time or would you need to pull two engines from the same batch to get them close enough to weld?

Would both of the 52 year old blocks have too much oil saturation to make a clean fuse?

Thanks for your input.

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