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Re: Fresh MEL build

Post by Treinarts » Fri 28. Feb 2014, 08:51

What was done to the heads? Larger valves? New valve spring assembly I assume. Slover did mine a few years ago.
Those are some good dyno numbers and a really good torqe curve. Your cam is milder than mine, but seems to do the job. TJR

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Re: Fresh MEL build: Results

Post by Chris430 » Sat 10. Dec 2016, 14:11

brechlrl wrote:Here are the dyno results form the 517 motor. It was built with torque and pump gas in mind.. Lots of torque here
Have you ran it in anything yet? It looks like it would be strong off idle. With the cfm your pulling it looks like you have it near 100% efficiency

I may copy that exact build for my 59 build. EDG inake and Quadrajet or Thermoquad would be the only difference.

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