MEL 462 How much net Horsepower

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MEL 462 How much net Horsepower

Post by LandCruiser » Sat 15. Jun 2013, 07:23

Hey Guys,
does anyone know how much netto SAE horsepower a stock MEL 462 in a 66 Lincoln coupé actually had? ther is allways this boring discussion with the Mark IV and V drivers about Net and gross. Mine iss running perfect and makes it in 9 seconds to 60mph but they try to tell me that a 79 MarkV is as powerfull than the 462 MEL. They dont want to test it out, for shure. :D
Thank you
Tom from Hamburg

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Re: MEL 462 How much net Horsepower

Post by WerbyFord » Thu 9. Nov 2017, 09:52

Good move if they don't want to challenge you with that 1979 Lincoln.
Since I am hunting the MEL forum here for a few days I came across your old post.
Based on an old road test that puts the 66 Continental plus 2 people at
10.8 0-60mph
18.10 at 80mph 1/4 mile
My Gonkulator says that 462/340 was making about 320hp gross, 224hp net.

Based on your 0-60 at 9.0 seconds, I guessed you have some healthier dual exhaust on there, better tires than 1966 for sure, and just you in the car, not much diff when it weighs 5380 lb curb already (have you weighed yours?)
Here is how your car Gonkulates out then:
462/340 489ftlb 320hp gross 416ftlb 247hp net
That massive midrange is what the tiny engines of today cant match without twin turbos!
9.0 0-60mph
2.42 60ft
10.67 at 65.6 1/8 mile
16.62 at 82.8 1/4 mile
The true test of what net (and rear wheel) power you are making is in the weight of the car and the timeslip, the trap speed in particular. I don't have any road test data on a 1979 Lincoln but I bet they wont run with your car. The 400M engine is not too bad, I have built them to 320-340hp gross, but not stock - no way. Stock form, the factory spec of 160-170hp net for that 400M is about right. And that 1979 Lincoln is still an almost-5000 lb tank, so you are going to win easily. If you still have the car that is!!! :D

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