Replacement oil pump advice?

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Replacement oil pump advice?

Post by srm351 » Fri 20. Nov 2020, 10:24

Greetings All,
I'm planning on pulling my engine soon to seal up some oil leaks on the bottom end and figured I may as well replace the oil pump while I'm in there. I'm looking at the Melling M-57 and am wondering, since the MEL isn't a priority main oiling system, is it a better choice to run a high pressure or high volume oil pump instead of a stocker? I'm aware that bearing clearances dictate oil pressure and I plan to refresh the bearings if necessary, but the engine is installed in a '66 F100 and is basically stock except for some carburation/ignition updates.

The only advice I really found on this forum was someone stating a high volume was well worth the extra cost but didn't elaborate on why or what their setup was. Do anyone have any experiences they'd be willing to share? Thanks!

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