The 534 MEL as converted for marine use by Seamaster

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Re: The 534 MEL as converted for marine use by Seamaster

Post by Dean » Sun 26. Sep 2010, 16:33


I 've just been given 2 x 534 Twin turbo charged Sea Master marine engines. These were removed from a 50ft Ultralight launch in Port Vila, Vanuatu. Many years ago this boat motored from Fiji to Vanuatu , a distance of over a 1000 miles. It was used in Vanuatu for a few years and fell into disrepair. I was intreiged by the cubic size and physical size of these engines , and the way they had been assembled. They are still complete with Mallory aftermarker coils, fuel pumps and stainless fittings. We intend to send them back to NZ , and have one on static display, and convert one into a hotrod engine as they are so unusual.

Can anyone tell me if there are many of these engines left, any parts avaiable , were they ever used for racing or were pruely marine and industrial. What were the horsepower and torque figures for these engines?

Any other information would be greatly appreciated.

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