DIY010B Super Marauder Fabrication Linkage and parts

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DIY010B Super Marauder Fabrication Linkage and parts

Post by 59lincolnrag » Thu 23. Sep 2010, 17:09

DIY010B Super Marauder Restoration, (fabrication) Linkage and other parts

CAUTION: When using this equipment you may inadvertently extract animals and pedestrians from sidewalks.
Use Extreme caution when applying the accelerator!!

Here is the elusive factory linkage for the Super Marauder. I have replaced the nylon bushing with a bronze one. There are two nylon washers used on either side of the slide that are not shown here. There are better aftermarket linkages available if you would like to upgrade.
Assorted parts .......
New modified throttle shafts, bronze bushings, 7/16 and 3/8 reamers.
Special slide bracket to accept Tri-Power linkage. Bolts on to stock 2bbl Holley.
Rough cut accessories....throttle stops.

Thanks to Frank my in-house designer who made auto-cad drawings of these parts.
Also My Special friend Scott from California who supplied detailed pictures of his own set-up.
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