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DIY 036 Installing Water Diverters in a MEL 430

Posted: Tue 25. Aug 2020, 11:43
by 59lincolnrag
block thermostats02.JPG
If you have two Block Thermostats in the engine block remove them and leave the holes empty

open hole.JPG
open hole.JPG (24.57 KiB) Viewed 2524 times

The water diverters in the MEL 430 are a press fit. You will need to remove the old ones first.

New diverters installed

To install them you need to place them in the freezer for about a half hour

Apply some lube to the engine block opening

Be sure you have the plug clocked correctly

Using a block of wood and a good size hammer carefully hammer it into place

There are several suppliers that provide the new Diverters they come in brass or aluminum. Be sure to order the correct size for your application.