DIY0029 How Old Is Your Battery?

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DIY0029 How Old Is Your Battery?

Post by 59lincolnrag » Sun 23. Oct 2016, 10:27

How Old Is Your Battery?

Check the age of the battery using one of these methods:

Vehicle Manufacture Date:
Original-equipment batteries will be the age of the vehicle (month and year manufactured).

Shipping Date code:
A code stamped into the cover or printed on a sticker indicates the month and year the battery was shipped (the first two characters of a four-character code).

3.Manufacture Date code:
Instead of using a Shipping Date Code, some batteries have a
Manufacture Date Code heat-stamped into the case or cover,
usually along the top edge of the battery.

Such as 8294CB where 8=1998, 294 = day of year (Oct 20).


B = February 3 = 2003
B3CM ..... 3BCM ..... B-3 / 2-3 ..... 2/03
Month A thru M
A – January
B – February
C – March
D – April
E – May
F – June
G – July
H – August
I or J – September
J or K – October
K or L – November
L or M– December

Years = Numbers

8 – 1998
9 – 1999
0 – 2000
1 – 2001
2002 Lincoln Blackwood
1959 Lincoln Continental Coupe blk on blk
430 Tri-Power Super Marauder
1959 Lincoln Continental Convertible wht on wht
2006 Lincoln Town Car

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