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DIY027 My Engine is running rough..What do I do?

Posted: Fri 12. Aug 2016, 16:43
by 59lincolnrag
OK .. so lets begin.
...How old is the fuel in the tank?
What is the condition of the fuel lines?
Check the firing order. Inspect the cap and rotor. Are there carbon tracks or discolored / burnt terminals? replace.
What about the plugs? Are they blackened with soot? Is the gap correct? clean with a brass brush or replace with the correct part.
When the car is running and you slowly close the choke plate does the engine speed up? Himmmm sounds like a vacuum leak.
....spray some carb cleaner around the base of the carb ...does it speed up? If yes that indicates a leak at the gasket or spacer plate. Examine the carburetor base gasket. Has the spacer been removed and cleaned?
Replace the gasket between the spacer plate and the intake manifold. ...DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THOSE BOLTS!.
Look for broken or disconnected vacuum lines.
If the car has been sitting close to a year or more remove the gas. Add fresh gas 5 gal is good. Do you have fuel pressure ? Install a gauge if you have one how much pressure ? Does it meet spec?
When running you can adjust the carb (2 screws) mixture and set the idle to 800 RPM. After warm up re-set the mixture and idle. Set timing 4 degrees more than factory setting with the vacuum advanced disconnected and plugged. Reconnect the vacuum advance and re-set the idle to 800 RPM.
If the car has sat for a long time you will have multiple issues ...starting with the fuel...
If your sure its a miss fire ...Then ..disconnect the coil (12 volts). Remove the plugs.....charge the battery ....Remove the vale covers. Using a starter button crank the motor and watch the valves / rockers opening and closing. Is everything working ?? Look for a stuck valve ...bent push rod....broken rocker arm... You can also do a compression test at this point...

Just some ideas .....Hope it helps.

DIY027 My Engine is running rough What do I do

Posted: Sun 10. Sep 2017, 12:51
by Petermup
Is there a DIY or thread I searched about modifying stock engine covers to fit on a whipple?

Thanks in advance