DIY025 Convertable Top Motor Refresh

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DIY025 Convertable Top Motor Refresh

Post by 59lincolnrag » Wed 15. Jun 2016, 17:36

Every so often its time to refresh the Top Motor. This motor is from a 1958- 1960 Lincoln Continental and applies to others.
Lincoln and Thunderbird 1958 thru 1967.
Convertible top motor pump typical for 1956-1960 Lincoln. This is the motor, pump, and reservoir, complete unit.
Raise the lid to gain access to the motor.
Disconnect the battery.
I use an old shop vac to evacuate the system.
I do not use brake fluid as called for. I use type f Transmission fluid.
Dis-connect the yellow red and black electrical connections.
Crack open the lines. Use the shop Vac to purge as much fluid as possible from the reservoir and lines. Remove the unit from the vehicle.
Carefully disassemble the pump remove the 3 sided bolt with slip joint pliers.
Remove the smaller 5 bolts to separate the pump housing.
Be careful . there are 2 small check balls and one smaller ball that locks the impeller to the motor shaft...
Lay everything out and clean with rubbing alcohol and a brush. Electrical cleaner works well too.
Be sure to clean and blow out the motor winding. The brush plate will need to be cleaned as well. Make sure the brushes operate smoothly back and fourth in the cavity.

Lets resurface the pump components. Using a flat surface a sheet of 400 wet / dry paper and some light oil.
Carefully oil finish the mating surfaces. When you are happy with the results clean the parts and dry.

Be sure not to loose the thrust washers on each side of the armature.
You want to clean the armature with some scotch bright.
At this point we are ready for reassembly.
Standard "o" rings are used. The large rings measure 2 7/8 ID and are 1/8 Dia.
The motor ...Armature to pump casing uses a quad ring, however I used 2 "o" rings one that fits the opening and one that stretches over the armature. I have done this before and seems to work just fine.
After installing the unit use a squeeze bottle to fill the reservoir. Cycle the top to the erect position, at this point you can top off the fluid. Cycle the top 3 times and re check the fluid level.
Now is a good time to lubricate the top mechanism. In my case I also needed to lubricate the rails that the rear window slides on. I cleaned them with solvent and then used a coating of white grease.
Check you service manual for the proper lubricants.
Note: The top hydraulic rams are not serviceable and must be replaced.
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