DIY023 Cooling the beast.....

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DIY023 Cooling the beast.....

Post by 59lincolnrag » Sun 15. Jun 2014, 15:47

I recently attended a Ford Lincoln Mercury and Edsel swap meet. As I was looking for parts for another project. I came across a stack of FoMoCo flex fans $5.00 each. how could I resist. I picked up a few for the Lincoln. The original fan is only 4 blades.
These units are 5 blades and flex to allow the maximum amount of air at lower RPMs.
This one looks real nice ..... I will fit this to the car. It should bolt right on
When buying a used part check for defects, cracks, loose hardware, bent components...... its buyer beware.

Yikes .!! this fan is way too wide!
Back to the drawing board.
After some trial and error I selected an aftermarket fan. Stainless steel Deral flex fan #19118. This is a low profile unit.It measures 1 1/8 "wide.
Here are the 3 fans side by side.
Here's the unit installed.
I had the radiator dipped and cleaned..... the car should run cool now.
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