oil starvation

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oil starvation

Post by LILABE2 » Mon 10. Feb 2014, 17:11

after installing the 430 in my 55 ford i found upon hard acceleration the oil would slosh away from pick-up causing momentary oil starvation. it's worse with the late model pans 61 and up so use a 58-60 if possible I have 2 oil pressure idiot light senders a stock 5 lbs and a 40 lb race version-i use toggle switch to select it is visually annoying to use only the 40 lb switch for daily driving especially at night - i idle at 20 lbs.
solution 58-60 pan i made a large door hinged at the top of the stock baffle plate. 61 and up completely cover up the center of the stock baffle with sheet metal. this should help your motor live longer even on stock mel if you got a heavy foot johnny 0 lil abe 2

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